What’s Good This Week #76

Take a deep breath, and let it all go. This week on What’s Good, it’s all about facing the darker moments in life and embracing monumentally massive tracks.

David Balfe/For Those I Love, Taken by Faolán Carey

For Those I Love – Birthday / The Pain

Irish artist David Balfe turns grief and trauma into haunting pop music on ‘Birthday / The Pain’, from his debut LP set for release in March. Speaking about the track, Balfe explains “I was six when I first encountered the fallout of a violent death. It’s such a haunting burden at that age and still is. ‘Birthday / The Pain’ recalls that moment, the desperation of trying to make sense of it as a child, and what it’d mean for me growing up against that backdrop.” The conflict in Balfe’s work clashes jazz-inspired house with his poignant lyrics, creating sombre pop that’s just as equally danceable thanks to Balfe’s clarity. While reflections on the loss of close friends and past traumas, Balfe’s work is a dedication to those lost, transforming his darkest moments into stunning displays of music.

Winter – Violet Blue

LA-based, Brazilian artist Samira Winter delivers a hypnotic wall of shoegaze on her latest single ‘Violet Blue’. The follow up to her 2020 LP “Endless Space (Between You & I)”, on her latest track Winter trades her psychedelic, dream-pop sound, for an unapologetic blast of shoegaze. With the mood of ’90s grunge mixed with the unforgettable sound of My Bloody Valentine, ‘Violet Blue’ is a glorious barrage of luscious shoegaze, dark in tone while equally uplifting and thought-provoking.

youngdumblovers – 07960771268

The near-anonymous project of youngdumblovers shrouds their identities in secrecy, yet unearths personal, deep fears and truths with each new track. ‘07960771268’ looks at the eponymous cage of adolescence, longing to be set free while equally admiring the surroundings that cause such personal conflicts. Hope sits right beside hopelessness as dreams of ‘something greater’, have to fight it out with the impending doom of being stuck with no way out, shown through a gradually snowed under Nokia, eventually freed by a stranger’s embrace on this downtempo slice of dark-electronica.

Ava Kay – Wild Again

Canadian, singer-songwriter creates cinematic pop music on her new single ‘Wild Again’. As an accomplished songwriter, working with Grammy-winning producers and penning songs with millions of plays, the Toronto artists skill reflects strongly on her individual work. Striking and bold classical compositions elevate Kay’s lyrics to beautiful heights, setting her writing skills as the true star of the show. Speaking about ‘Wild Again’, Kay shares that: “I often crave calm, reflective music myself and I wanted to be able to create songs that were true to that, while still making records that people can connect to without it feeling too insular, ‘Wild Again’ feels like all that without any compromises”

Shrink – Cut You Loose

Featured on his recent EP “SHRINK”, London artist Sam Breathwick, who also produces under the moniker Vasser, teams up with Ethan + Tom on the video for his single ‘Cut You Loose’. In this, The Butterfly Effect meets Happy Death Day video; Breathwick’s pensive lyrics are amplified with a striking string composition, as Ethan + Tom’s focus on the line ‘I will feel the same way as I felt before’ creates a twisted, self-aware death montage.

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