Horsegirl – Ballroom Dance Scene

Chicago rock group Horsegirl announces their first physical release, with the DIY video for ‘Ballroom Dance Scene’.

Coming out through Sonic Cathedral on April 2nd, ‘Ballroom Dance Scene’ is a re-release from Horsegirl’s “Ballroom Dance Scene et cetera (best of Horsegirl)” collection from 2020. Made up of highschoolers Penelope Lowenstein, Gigi Reece, and Nora Cheng, the trio’s combination of alt-rock, shoegaze and post-punk, alludes to groups such as Porridge Radio, The Amps or even Iceage. The artful build-up from Reece’s steady drum work anchors the whole track together, allowing Lowenstein and Cheng to perform a back and forth of marching, guitar hooks, fuzzed-up riffs and overlapping vocal murmurs. When pieced together, ‘Ballroom Dance Scene’ sounds completely timeless and more like the work of a band with twenty years of experience, instead of just two.

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