Tigercub – Stop Beating on My Heart (Like a Bass Drum)

Tigercub shares news of their second LP “As Blue As Indigo”, with the release of their monolithic new single ‘Stop Beating on My Heart (Like a Bass Drum)’.

Taken by Lauren Carnell

Following up previous release ‘Beauty’, the self-reflection of frontman Jamie Stephen Hall continues on Tigercub’s latest offering, discussing the power which chaotic external forces can have upon you:

“There are people in life that seem to bring a cloud of toxicity and conflict along with them wherever they go. When they come into my world it’s like storm clouds have formed over my head and, there is only a matter of time before the first raindrop falls and the storm erupts… The storm opens up old wounds, I’m left rudderless and disorientated from it and as I start to pick myself back up I know it’s only a matter of time before it happens again. In ‘Like A Bass Drum’ I am begging for it to end, stop beating on my heart like a bass drum.”

‘Like A Bass Drum’ slowly builds up to its momentous chorus with Hall’s mellow vocals, backed harmonious hums and almost inaudible guitar notes. This slow rising crescendo eventually peaks, breached by a sudden rush of dark, punchy guitar riffs, swallowing Hall’s hushed tones and forcing the frontman to unleash his aggression.

“As Blue As Indigo” is out June 18th on Blame Recordings.

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