Pom Pom Squad – LUX

Brooklyn’s Pom Pom Squad announce signing to City Slang Records, with the release of their newest single ‘LUX’.

T.W. Emotional abuse/manipulation, sexual exploitation.

Inspired by the late ’90s filmThe Virgin Suicides, ‘LUX’ is Mia Berrin’s exposé on patriarchal sexism and homage to the infamous Sofia Coppola classic. “I’ve got a sinking suspicion, it may be something in your tone, that you would leave me here to find my own way home” Mia Berrin exclaims on the opening moments of ‘LUX’, casting the fears of sexual expectations and societal pressure for girls, as well as the dangers of trusting potentially uncaring, goal-orientated boys.

“I feel naked without taking off any of my clothes” Berrin declares later into ‘LUX’, depicting the mental torment which just one bad experience can cast, especially when still a teen. Berrin’s anger and fear surface as gut-wrenching punk, with vicious, snarling riffs throughout and a bass hook that sounds like The Red Brigade are about to come and beat the shit out of you; while under the façade of the soft, pastel hues of ‘LUX’s cinematography.

Speaking about ‘LUX’ Mia Berrin explains: “It’s about the fear of intimacy I felt as a teen that stemmed from negative early experiences of male attention. The Virgin Suicides, one of my very favourite movies, captured that fear in a way that deeply resonated – the scene where Trip leaves Lux alone on the football field. He had gone through the effort of making her love him and then when he got what he wanted, he left. I released the demo for this song on Bandcamp when I was in college and it ended up being played on Brooklyn Vegan’s blog radio on Sirius XMU. It was the first lightbulb that maybe I had a calling in music. The release has been a long time coming, but ultimately, I’m glad I waited so that I could really do right by this thing and simultaneously, by my teenage self.”

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