Elder Island – Purely Educational

Bristol-based trio Elder Island harken back to the anticipation of late-night parties on ‘Purely Educational’.

Taken by Nic Kane

The ceremonious, quasi-awkward beginnings of any party start with shuffling through packed corridors to get to the main room, only then to billow back out once in full swing. Upbeat and underscored by a funk-led bassline, vocalist Katy Sargent’s reverb-laden vocals glide through a glistening dancefloor where bodies are riding up against each other, shifting between gradually building synth keys, into full force electro-pop. Energetic and commanding with its pulsating synth hook, Elder Island’s lust for the nights of old on ‘Purely Educational’, is something all too familiar for everyone in the UK right now, but a scintillating reminder of what we can all look forward to soon.

Elder Island’s sophomore LP “Swimming Static” is set for release on May 28th.

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