HAVVK – Home

Irish group HAVVK set their sights on the future while reflecting on their past with the release of their new single ‘Home’.

Taken from their sophomore LP “Levelling”, set for release later this year, the trio’s combination of slow-burning shoegaze mixed with indie-rock is as strong as ever on ‘Home’. A steady flow of hazy guitar riffs provides the backdrop for ‘Home’ as vocalist Julie Hough delivers her vivid storytelling, recounting her childhood and the protective forces that remain hidden. Speaking about the track, Julie Hough shared:

“Home is a very nostalgic track for us. It’s about looking back and realising there were guardian angels around you in your youth, even when you were totally oblivious to it. I think the track really captures that freedom of becoming an adult when you’re moving out for the first time, meeting new people for the first time – and the world seems to be completely opening up to you. But it’s got this pang of guilt attached to it too – because the people we let go or forget to thank, even that younger version of ourselves that we say goodbye to. There’s a bit of sadness to it, in hindsight. But presumably, I would have been having too much fun at the time to notice it. 

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