CLAMM – Liar

Australian trio CLAMM follow up their previous single ‘Keystone Pols’ with the equally ferocious ‘Liar’.

Taken by Oscar O’Shea

Taken from their upcoming debut LP “Beseech Me”, the Melbourne based trio tackle mental health on their latest release. “The song is about mental health. It’s about wanting to break through a pattern of thinking that isn’t necessarily positive. It’s about dealing with an internal monologue that isn’t always telling the truth.” shared CLAMM. A brutal onslaught of volatile riffs and pointed vocals sees the trio go on a relentless brawl with ‘Liar’, delivering high energy punk-rock that’s sure to get the blood pumping and have you craving to go flying into a moshpit.

“Beseech Me”, arriving April 9th on Meat Machine.

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