Pizzagirl – Car Freshener Aftershave

Liverpudlian alt-popper Pizzagirl returns with his new single ‘Car Freshener Aftershave’ from his upcoming “Softcore Mourn” LP.

After the success of his debut album “First Timer”, Pizzagirl, aka Liam Brown, looks further back upon his work casting his eye to his debut “an extended play” EP. With a hit of nostalgia always standing at the forefront of every Pizzagirl track, ‘Car Freshener Aftershave’ goes a step further with its early 2000’s sound and self-referential influences, sounding as though Brown’s latest is a rethought version of the LCD Soundsystem classic ‘All My Friends’.

After reacquainting Pizzagirl with Pizzagirl, Pizzagirl had this to say:

“Over the last year or so I’ve been screaming, sighing, crying and lying at my computer, which has manifested itself into my aptly titled second album “Softcore Mourn”. This first single “Car Freshener Aftershave” is a cold reminder to the internet that I still exist and I still haven’t figured that out yet. I’d say this is a break-up song.”

“Softcore Mourn” out July 16th via Heist or Hit.

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