Grandmas House – Small Talk

Bristol Queer-punk-trio Grandmas House discusses the GMOOH vibe of ‘Small Talk’.

Taken from their recently released cassette tape via Brace Yourself Records, backed with their previous offering, ‘Always Happy’, the Bristol trio’s latest tackles male entitlement on ‘Small Talk’. Unlike its title, the track is straight to the point with fast and raucous guitar riffs, thumping bass lines and aggressive drums, capturing the interrogative nature that can come with ‘harmless’ small talk.

Speaking about the track, Grandmas House explained: “Lyrically it represents a situation that a lot of people have unfortunately been in – you’re stood at a bar. You’re having a few drinks with friends. You’re having a good time when suddenly a man approaches. He starts with ‘Hey how are you doing? What are you drinking tonight? He’s got a sense of entitlement in his voice. The small talk has officially begun. Get me out of here.”

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