Squid – Paddling

The Bristol group get upbeat “discussing the dichotomy between simple pleasures and decadent consumerism” on ‘Paddling’.

Taken by Holly Whitaker

A fan favourite of Squid’s live sets ‘Paddling’ has been in circulation for a while, slowly evolving into its current form as the band explained the story behind the track:

“We started writing it when we were but kids still living in Brighton. Last summer we really got into playing this together again. Straight away we started to work the tune into new places whilst we were writing at the Old Road in Chippenham, the track became an important part of Bright Green Field for us. Recording Paddling was great it was quite hot, so naturally, the tempo was upped a fair bit too. Dan Carey’s modular synthesizer is definitely the 6th band member in this one, turning Louis & Anton’s guitars into racecars from about the 5-minute mark”.

The imagery and ideas of Squid’s track are always thought-provoking and something to truly immerse yourself in and ‘Paddling’ is no exception, as the five-piece manage to level out the upbeat tone of their latest work with their expansive narration sublimely. Recounting a scene from The Wind In The Willows, ‘Paddling’ depicts the modern and primal instincts of humans, showcasing the desire for pursuits of vanity from two seemingly opposite sides of human nature.

Bright Green Field” is out May 7th on Warp Records.

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