What’s Good This Week #79

The UK has had more than two hours of sunshine this week, so naturally, we’re vibin’ out to chilled/party tunes on What’s Good This Week.

Paris Texas taken by Saru Hagher

Paris Texas – SITUATIONS

It’s 2/2 for the L.A duo, as they turn lo-fi on its head with ‘SITUATIONS’. Having played with rock and heavy-grunge influenced guitars on ‘HEAVY METAL’, Paris Texas has now moved onto another piece of ’90s iconography with lo-fi video game visuals, spanning the PS1 era of polygon-shaped Lara Craft and static GTA characters with ‘SITUATIONS’. Downbeat hip-hop mixes with alternative-pop as the visuals of choppy driving animations later turn into anime-style fighting, meticulously casting nostalgia-fuelled references that make you want to dig out your old PlayStation from the attic.

Hannah Jadagu – What Is Going On?

Sub-Pop signee Hannah Jadagu shares the title track from her upcoming EP, describing it as “my only attempt at an anthem for teenage love”. A previous Soundcloud demo of Jadagu’s, the Texan explained:  “When I had originally posted the demo, people really loved it. However, there wasn’t much of a story to tell. So eventually I took it down until I had an experience that inspired me”. Now casting upon anxieties and societal pressures, Jadagu casts her summery, charming indie-pop across the track, casting a stark juxtaposition that is quickly becoming her calling card. The “What Is Going On?” EP is out on April 23rd.

Purient – Memories

Melbourne experimentalist Purient, aka Kate Durman, crafts mechanical, glitchy house music that is beyond hypnotic, and ‘Memories’ is a journey in itself. Moving through drippy, mechanical styled electro into industrial post-house that would fit in comfortably in Berlin’s club scene. On this uber-techno track, Purient casts back to the early ’90s and ravers scene, before moving forward into the experimental, industrial edge of German electro that currently reigns supreme.

Cannons – Bad Dream

Next up are L.A trio Cannons with their glittery new single ‘Bad Dream’. Spanning synthwave and indie-pop, ‘Bad Dream’ traverses through the online world of dream-pop and lo-fi music, exuding carefree vibes that scream out for long drives with the windows rolled all the way down. It’s a definite must add to the summer playlist, crafting beautiful pop music that you could place on repeat and no one would have an issue with.

Paris Unltd – Right Guy

Described as “a lighthearted perspective on hyper-pop, genre-neutrality and queerness”. Toronto based Paris Unltd delivers charming pop on ‘Right Guy’. Spanning bedrooms acoustics to sudden waves of hypnotic electro, Paris Unltd goes from sounding like a SoundCloud newcomer to being a secret hidden gem, reversing the tracks title for a chorus that personifies the idiom earworm.

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