Ski Lift – Portal

The first in a trio of new singles, South London’s Ski Lift deliver jangly indie-rock on their second single ‘Portal’.

Taken by Cameron JL West

Originally the solo project of Welsh songwriter Benji Tranter, now joined by Ailsa Tully and Jovis Lane, Ski Lift’s sound is indebted to British indie with the occasional American surf-rock infliction.

Transitioning from one extreme to the other, Ski Lift depicts the contrast of rural life to living in the city on ‘Portal’, celebrating both as different sides of the same coin. Embracing the grit and restlessness of city living while fondly awaiting a momentous return to the countryside, ‘Portal’ utilises rock sub-genres to sound truly regionless.

Vocalist and songwriter Benji Tranter shares: “It’s a love song to nature, but also a peacemaking process with my new hometown Croydon. I’ve always found the transition between city and country to be a strange and bewildering thing to experience, having grown up in the beautiful countryside of the Welsh border. I’ve learned over the years that you can find vibrant energy in the fields and forests, as well as peace and solitude in the midst of a bustling city if you look for it.”

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