Junaco – Weight of the World

The L.A duo escapes into the world of dream-pop on their new single ‘Weight of the World’.

The latest single to be lifted from their upcoming EP is Junaco’s most pop-sounding yet, as Shahana Jaffer and Joey LaRosa’s journey into escapism on ‘Weight of the World’ finds the duo embracing a more alien sound for the L.A. natives. While their most categorically pop conforming song to date, Junaco still manages to insert their own imprint, slowing down to the pace of folk and chill-pop before imploding into controlled blazes of soaring indie, akin to Beach Party or Smith Westerns.

The duo said that “when writing this song, we felt like we had a strong message to convey—being overwhelmed with the constant change and forward motion and evolution towards what feels like being less human.”

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