Eades – Present In The Moment

Taken from their upcoming “Abstract Education” EP, Leeds indie-rockers share ‘Present In The Moment’.

Credit, Devon Chambers Main.

With his head high in the clouds of the manic world that is Eades, lead vocalist Harry Jordan turns daydreaming and disjointed rock into audible gold on ‘Present in the Moment’. As a chaotic maelstrom of guitars, skittish drums and yelped vocals ensue, it’s a persistent cowbell tut that brings Eades last track back to focus, toeing the line between the Brit-pop style of Blur and the bite of punk-rock from The Clash or Buzzcocks. Explaining the track’s story, lead vocalist Harry Jordan explains:

“I was away on holiday with my girlfriend in Australia for 3 weeks, and by the last week, I was itching to get back and write some music. When I haven’t done any music in a while I go a bit stir crazy and start getting really agitated and go off into my own little world inside my head. I wrote the lyrics just after we’d had an argument because apparently, I wasn’t “present in the moment”… I hate to admit it but she was probably right. I swear I’m not normally that angsty.”

“Abstract Education” is out via Heist or Hit on April 30th.

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