TESSEL – Cinema ft. Amber Arcades

Utrecht beach-pop quartet TESSEL follows up their previous release ‘Family Time’ with the enchanting ‘Cinema’.

Taken by Casper Buijtendijk

With wobbly guitars and nostalgia at the heart of TESSEL’s sound, ‘Cinema’ encapsulates the lovable charm of the group’s beach-pop sound. A story about short-lived love, the groups latest brings the nostalgic-futurism of Trudy & The Romance, beckoning back to the comfort of the past while gazing longingly into the present and the possibilities post-break-up.

Speaking about the track, the band shared:”‘Cinema’ is a duet from the perspective of two lovers. They go on a date to the cinema, the place they first met. However, something does not seem to be right, they both feel it, but do not dare to say it to each other. An intense love that has quickly blown over.”

As vocalist Levi Oostermeijer recounts the tale with Amber Arcades the pair produce a beautiful back and forth, somewhat similar to Victoria Bergsman and Peter MorĂ©n on ‘Young Folks’, made to be the backing for a chilled-out sunny day.

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