ELLiS·D – Nature’s Game

Brighton’s ELLiS·D pieces together British music icons on his exciting new single ‘Nature’s Game’.

Released through his own DIY Label Change The F*cking Records! , solo artist Ellis Dickson aka ELLiS·D creates a juggernaut of Britain’s darker indie legends with ‘Nature’s Game’. Immediately an opening wave of goth-rock sweeps in as though it were a track by The Cure, then met by haunting post-punk and punk-rock similar to Joy Division’s Warsaw era or The Horrors. With just enough indie rock undertones to keep the solemn vibes partially elevated, ‘Nature’s Game’ expertly navigates goth-rock while discussing the complexity of relationships.

​On the subject of the new single, ELLiS·D offers: “Our generational premonitions of ageing as a means of attaining a sense of stability in life, love and relationships are increasingly conflicting with our anxiety-ridden forebodings of a future slipping out of our grasp. To me, love is not merely a concept but an undeniable truth – however, the past year has unmasked brutal realities to many of us that we are perhaps not primarily compelled to stay together by compatibility and attraction alone but by a deep feeling of comfort that you get from having someone beside you to share in the emotive rollercoaster of modern life.”

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