simon a. – Badland

East London’s simon a. shares his first track of the year with ‘Badland’.

The follow up to his 2020 EP “Way To Go”, the R’n’B artist continues exploring issues of mentality especially when feeling stuck now focusing on the online world of social media. Speaking on the record simon said:

“’‘Badland’ is about how easy it can be to fall into the trappings of online personas, both as a poster and as a consumer. It’s a groovy song told from the perspective of an influencer in three separate stages of their influencer career. Inspired by my consistent failure to separate the fake, ‘best foot forward’ internet life from the real world.”

With a steady flow of lo-fi beats summoning a rainy, late-night vibe, the initial melancholy of ‘Badland’ quickly becomes somewhat comforting with the East Londoner sharing the struggle of constantly being on for the online world: “I feel the pressure to be 24/7 nights”. Arousing sympathy through the shared struggle of competing with others happiness, ‘Badland’ is a calming reminder to take a step back from the screen and live IRL.

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