The Silver Devils – Love Potion No.10

San Diego group The Silver Devils deliver a spectacular ’80s indie rock megamix with ‘Love Potion No.10’.

Harkening back to the era of classic American rock and the early days of pure punk, The Silver Devils sound is an ’80s throwback that feels totally fresh and exciting. Storytelling is at the heart of their work and the dramatics behind it is made evidently clear, describing their work as: “Each song is an attempt to ward off the childish destructiveness of their life long nemesis: Danny the Devil. Danny is an immortal being of immeasurable strength, and The Silver Devil’s sound must constantly evolve and change in order to overcome him”.  

Throughout ‘Love Potion No.10’ the influence of groups such as the Pixies and Violent Femmes are prevalent, summoning the same energy of ‘Mr Grieves’ and then ‘Add It Up’, before erupting into UK-styled punk with Buzzcocks on ‘Ever Fallen In Love’. Utilising their influences to boost their classic-rock sound, rather than simply pay homage to them, The Silver Devils reimagine the sound of ’80s rock with more wit and charm than ever before.

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