Paris Texas – FORCE OF HABIT/ BOY ANNOYMOUS announcement.

Paris Texas announce their debut project “BOY ANONYMOUS” with the release of their third single ‘FORCE OF HABIT‘.

Credit: Saru Hagher

Due for release on May 14th, the L.A. duo’s debut EP is set to ‘explore a dizzying range of textures and moods but never fall victim to a lack of focus or cohesion’. Following previous singles ‘SITUATIONS’ and debut ‘HEAVY METAL’, the duo’s latest offering finds a middle ground between the two tracks, with more chilled yet equally fuzzy guitars and a ’90s styled beat that’s impossible not to vibe to. Throughout the track’s video, Paris Texas share their first intimate view of themselves, courtesy of director ILLIMITEWORLD, building upon the cinematic world of Paris Texas from their previous releases.

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