Charli Adams – Cheer Captain

Charli Adams shares her new single ‘Cheer Captain’, taken from her upcoming debut album “Bullseye”.

Credit: Slater Goodson

Inspired by a nickname Justin Vernon of Bon Iver gave her playing darts following a chance encounter at a Nashville dive bar, “Bullseye” centralises around Charli Adams move from Alabama to Nashville, leaving her life as a ‘customisable human being’ to truly find her own identity. Her new single ‘Cheers Captain’, “is a resentful and regretful song about struggling with a saviour complex as a serial people pleaser” explains Adams, “I desperately wanted to be everything for everyone so I became a customizable human being that often went against everything I actually am”. The bittersweet tale of ‘Cheer Captain’ sets out Adams as now having complete control of her life and choices, stripped back to a simple instrumental production to allow her words to truly hit home.

“Bullseye” is out July 16th via Color Study.

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