Real Lies – Late Arcades

London duo Real Lies transcend into a soul-shattering shade of blue on their emotional new single ‘Late Arcades’.

Taken from their upcoming sophomore album “Lad Ash”, Real Lies navigate through their world of impeccable electronica, reliving the magic of earlier singles ‘World Peace’ or ‘Deeper’, now tinged with an impending sadness that is impossible to shake on ‘Late Arcades’.

Pushing past the delightful haze of emphatic dancing on an enhanced night out while starring at blurry midnight strobe lighting, Real Lies touch on the point where everything stands still and the uppers can no longer keep out the dark reality of loss that lurks within. Creeping in seemingly out of nowhere to outsiders, ‘Late Arcades’ is a terrifying all while beautiful example of how trauma and grief can have an everlasting effect on a person, no matter how hard they try to escape it.

Kev Kharas shares: “‘Late Arcades’ is a song about taking risks late at night. It’s about being pursued to the seaside by self-destructive urges and set upon by them there, where the neon lights fizz at the edge of darkness. It’s about being locked into a zone of total, fleeting pleasure – ecstatic eyes swivelling back into your head as you bounce from machine to cigarette to drink to machine and back again before choking up as a rockabilly widower sings ‘Blue Bayou’ at a karaoke pub on the front and you miss the last train home. It’s about squinting into your phone in the dark and wishing for a call from a childhood friend who went missing on a night of total, fleeting pleasure a long time ago.

The sad banger to top all sad bangers quite potentially, ‘Late Arcades’ is one for the history books.

Real Lies will be performing their biggest live show to date at The Garage in Highbury, London, on November 10th with tickets available here.

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