Hannah Jadagu – What Is Going On? EP

The 18-year-old’s debut EP is an endearing collection of bedroom pop that showcases her immense talent as an artist and producer.

Released, April 23rd 2021, SUB POP Records.

Travelling from Mesquite, Texas, to now reside in New York, Hannah Jadagu’s wealth of life experience already shows and continues to be even more impressive when remembering her age. However, Jadagu’s youthfulness shouldn’t be seen as a precursor for comparison to someone in their 20’s, but rather as an immense advantage that she is taking full advantage of. Using an iPhone 7 to record her music videos and using Garageband and iRig, Jadagu’s DIY approach to her production isn’t groundbreaking by any means but shows how even with everyday equipment the New York resident excels at what she does.

‘My Bones’ is a luscious introduction, stripped back to calming synth melodies layering harmoniously, before welcoming in her most recent single ‘Sundown’. Written during her junior year, ‘Sundown’ captures the teenage facade beautifully, portraying feelings of exhaustion while balancing school life with extracurricular activities as well as her own personal life. It’s a chilled, drawn-out number that exudes a momentary sigh of relief when teens cast aside their future adult problems and simply allow themselves to breathe.

EP singles ‘Think Too Much’ and the title track ‘What Is Going On?’ continue on with Jadagu’s already well-seasoned facade crafting, washing over her own stories of anxiety and personal relations with jangly indie-pop. ‘Think Too Much’ stands out as the EP’s ‘biggest’ track, with bright-eyed rhythms and glossy guitar riffs chiming away to Jadagu’s melodic vocals, while ‘What Is Going On? stands as her first attempt at a love song that strikes gold. EP closer ‘Bleep Bloop’ is a charming piece of optimistic mood-pop, personifying late-night heart to hearts or early morning heart to hearts, whichever side you’re on, that brings Jadagu’s debut to a blissful close.

Hannah Jadagu’s debut aspires to show nothing more than who the Mesquite native is herself. While personal reflections and anecdotes are nothing new, Jadagu’s youthfulness isn’t blinded by aspirations of adulthood or longing to pass as mature, and are simply her own stories brought to life. “What Is Going On?” is an endearing collection of songs that are an utter delight to listen to and the fact that Jadagu sounds more advanced than you’d expect most 18-year-old artists to be is a credit to her skill as both an artist and producer.

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