Pom Pom Squad – Head Cheerleader

Pom Pom Squad announces “Death Of a Cheerleader” with their new single ‘Head Cheerleader’.

The Brooklyn outfit is rapidly becoming masters at packing in as much as possible with each new single, announcing the release of their debut LP, alongside a music video for ‘Head Cheerleader’. Speaking about the new single, band leader Mia Berrin shared “it was an effort to lean into the overarching trope that makes Pom Pom Squad what it is – almost like parodying myself. Heart-shaped lockets and scary cheerleaders and young adult chaos and self-discovery and deep ungraceful discomfort. I was also in a really complicated relationship at the time that really pushed me to come face to face with my sexual identity in a way I never had before. I had this realization that the life I was living was designed around receiving attention and validation from men – something I never truly wanted. The result of that realization was like stepping out of an old skin. It changed the way I behaved in every aspect of my life. I was finally making decisions toward my own self-actualization instead of for other people’s perception. It was terrifying and exciting and necessary. This song feels like a celebration of the discomfort that comes with stepping into your new skin – your own power.”

“Death Of a Cheerleader” is out this summer on June 25th via City Slang and available to pre-order here.

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