What’s Good This Week #85

Sometimes you just need some noise in your life, and what’s good this week is a blast of punk and rock in numerous forms.

Pictured: UV-TV

UV-TV – Back To Nowhere

Kicking off this week’s What’s Good are NYC trio, UV-TV with their latest single ‘Back To Nowhere’. Celebrating ‘the art of doing nothing’, UV-TV’s latest track is anti-constant productivity, reminding everyone to take time to simply do nothing rather than constantly aiming to do more and more with what little time available. Straight-forward and charming with their indie/garage-punk sound, the NYC trio brings it back to simple riffs that are just impossible not to fall in love with. Vibing out to a sound that is close to legends The Cranberries, ‘Back To Nowhere’ is a belting piece of rock music made to be kept on repeat.

UV-TV’s upcoming LP ‘Always Something’ is out May 28th via PaperCup Music.

N0V3L – Notice Of Foreclosure

Taken from their upcoming LP “Non-Fiction”, out through Meat Machine on May 28th, Vancouver group N0V3L deliver a dose of goth-punk on ‘Notice Of Foreclosure’. Similar to the earlier work of The Horrors mixed together with former UK indie-rock group Breton, N0V3L deliver monotonic goth rock on ‘Notice Of Foreclosure’, rooted in nostalgic submission to modernity spiked with grief for a past forever gone and ambivalence for what lays ahead. It’s a delightful slow burner that gradually creeps in with its hypnotic sound, made even stronger by the incredible work of Toronto artist Gart Darley on the track’s video.

Body Horror – The Gimp’s Gimp

Next is North London outfit Body Horror with their distorted new track ‘The Gimp’s Gimp’. Smashing together the rave style of The Prodigy, with jarring punk vocals, ‘The Gimp’s Gimp’ is a truly unforgiving track on par with the likes of White Suns, yet an immensely enjoyable punk track that is rooted in intense sexuality. Vocalist Gethyn Thomas explains: “The tune is the tale of a Gimp that belongs to another Gimp, so it’s a kind of double negative of submissiveness. A metaphor for the unspoken, sexual underbelly of individuals in hierarchies. One man’s gimp is another man’s pimp”.

Social Haul – The Ease

Marshalled by frontman Leigh Padley of indie rock group TRAAMS, Social Haul explore arrogance and bravado on their new single. “‘The Ease’ is a celebration of the determined ego” Padley shares. “By utilising unwavering confidence, the protagonist simply belittles the obstacles in his way to diminish and overcome them; an ode to the only redeeming feature of arrogance”. With a chugging riff backing Padley’s confident vocals, ‘The Ease’ celebrates the moments when we cast our own self-persevering image aside and utilise bouts of arrogance to move forward in life.

Social Haul’s self-titled album is out June 11th on FatCat Records.

Exit Kid – Munny

Lastly, London duo Exit Kid with their brand new single ‘Munny’. Formally a member of Year & Years, Emre Türkmen’s work with Dylan Bell on Exit Kid is quite the opposite to his previous work in pop. Now creating punk music as Exit Kid, ‘Munny’ is a glossy post-punk track that embodies the art of facades and the blurring of what is true and false. Türkmen explained: “‘Munny’ is an exhausted rant about the continued blurring of the lines between truth and lies. I felt compelled to vomit the words whilst watching the US election and the storming of the Capitol building. The profiteering from such things by the likes of our old chum Facebook is maddening but seems to me, a time-honoured capitalist tradition. Most people talk a good game, but when the time comes vote for their own self-interest”.

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