Eades – Abstract Education

The Leeds groups second EP is quite possibly the most ‘Leeds’ thing to have come out for quite some time.

Released, April 30th 2020, Heist or Hit.

Identity is everything in the UK. There’s no point denying it. From city to city the difference in culture is unforgettable, with cities like Manchester and London having a keen sense of who they are. Then Leeds appears with its influx of students and proud residents. Suddenly identity isn’t as straight forward. Mixing the ‘grim up north’ motif with Yorkshire pride and the unshakable boisterousness of Leeds student population, Eades has managed to capture the essence of what is truly ‘Leeds’ on “Abstract Education” by mashing a collection of genres together that works.

Recorded in their own Bam Bam Studios (the basement of vocalist Harry Jordan’s home), their DIY approach remains at the centre of everything Eades do. Running their in-house sessions straight on to tape, Eades bring the energy of their lives shows straight onto “Abstract Education”. Bringing post-punk, new wave and noticeable moments of brit-pop to the table, there’s a grittiness on each track throughout that exudes the unwavering charm of life outside Leeds city centre. Like turning a two-bedroom house into a six-bedroom for students, which then throw a party for over 200 people, Eades continuously build upon seemingly nothing and create pure magic with every track.

Opener ‘Smoking Hour’ is a golden jamming sessions tune, with ideas and riffs floating around in an unscripted delight of indie rock, then quickly followed by ‘Present in the Moment’ where Eades first instance of Brit-pop sneaks in with a brushing of punk-rock. Their newest single, ‘Coltrane’, continues with this influx of Brit-pop, delivering a steady roll of chugging riffs that are easy to enjoy. EP interlude ‘Laptop’s Glow’ then provides a sudden blast of noise largely from Lily Fontaine’s skittish synth keys, counteracted by the murmurs of Harry Jordan for a short but sweet moment for “Abstract Education” to breathe.

The remaining two tracks, ’27 Years’ and ‘Former Warnings Cluster’, are Eades at their best, blasting mashups of punk and indie rock on ’27 years’, with the unforgettable wobbly synth hooks of ‘Former Warnings Cluster’ bringing “Abstract Education” to a fantastic close.

In just over 16 minutes, Eades manage to pack in as much as possible on their second EP, acting like a whirlwind tour of everything they can do within the confines of their home studio. With the charm, grit and ingenuity of Leeds strongly running through the veins of Eades, “Abstract Education” is just another reminder to make sure you grab a ticket to a live show once they’re back on tour.

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