Blood Cultures – When The Night Calls

New Jersey group Blood Cultures share a taste of their upcoming “LUNO” LP, with their new track ‘When The Night Calls’.

Having originally started as a solo project, now sprawling out into a four-piece, Blood Cultures anonymity alludes to their desire to increase black and brown representation in art now encouraging fans to learn more about their Pakistani-American ethnicity and culture.

Using what sounds like a Qawwāli being sung to start the track, inflictions of electronica immediately merge their dual heritage together to form a neo-psychedelic mix of indie and worldbeat, as though Yeasayer and Bonobo were co-producers. On ‘When The Night Calls’, there’s a combination of global identities that stem between their New York-style indie-rock and traditional Pakistani influences, that it could just as comfortably be placed in the early 2010’s era of UK electronica with Jai Paul or SBTRKT, as it could with heavyweights such as Animal Collective or Justice.

“LUNO” is set for release on May 28th.

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