EXUM – Arrest The Dancer

On his latest release, EXUM turns to funk with the erotically charged, ‘Arrest The Dancer’.

Continuing to defy being etched into one single genre, the industrial hip-hop style of his previous single, ‘Bad Chick, Bad Dude’, is now replaced with erotically charged funk, depicting criminal late-night dancing as its focal point. With its opening percussion mixed together with beatbox styling for an instantly pulsating beat, once ‘Arrest The Dancer’s first funk groove hits, you know that it’s going to be stuck in your head all day long.

Speaking about the story of the track in more detail, EXUM shared: “I wrote the song in a hotel room the night before a game. I had just finished a documentary on David Bowie’s last days on Earth, and the making of his last works, Lazarus and Blackstar. The chorus came to me instantly, and I later reworked some of the lyrics to depict a scene I had floating around somewhere in my brain. A very curious man driving by an apartment building, distracted by an erotic girl in a little red room. The way she was moving within her body led him to believe she deserved criminal punishment. I’m your peeping Thomas.

EXUM’s debut LP “Xardinal Coffee”, is set for release on June 4th via EXUM’s own ÜCKE label.

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