Ski Lift – Moaning Again

The second in a trio of singles from the Croydon-based group, Ski Lift tackles the hidden nature of mental health problems on ‘Moaning Again’.

Taken by Cameron JL West

With an instantaneous blast of swirling riffs and a dose of Blur-styled Brit-pop, ‘Moaning Again’ captures the sudden bursts of energy and pitfalls that come with mental health problems. “We’re not designed for permanent happiness” cries vocalist Benji Tranter in the chorus, picking up from the trudging pace of the verses with hits of indie rock that keep up the facade of ‘Moaning Again’s narrative. When talking about the track, Tranter shared “’Moaning Again’ is an internal conversation. I wrote it during a ‘down’ period, mentally speaking. Highs and lows are always relative to wherever your emotional centre of balance is, even the smiliest, loveliest person can be secretly battling their inner demons.”

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