Sophie Kilburn – Movements

Sophie Kilburn shares the first taste of her upcoming EP “My Room Made Public”, with the lead single ‘Movements’.

Credit: Percy Walker-Smith

The Derbyshire artist digs deep into our relationships with the world on ‘Movements’, asking how much we should share with everyone. Explaining the story behind ‘Movements’, Kilburn shared: “this song is all about a relationship that has broken down. When your gut is saying something is wrong but neither of you are saying anything. You know you are losing them, but you’re still besotted. You realise you aren’t ‘all over each other’ anymore, your touches have lost any affection and you are in heartache limbo. It is about overcoming the fear of something ending and voicing your feelings in order to regain control of the situation. It’s like, enough is enough I’m calling you out mate”.

With steady riffs bringing in a marching rhythm that sounds determined to move forward whatever the outcome, Kilburn’s work on ‘Movements’ feels empowering and unstoppable.

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