What’s Good This Week #88

This week the UK reopened indoor spaces and past normalities returned with shocks for those of us who haven’t worked in over half a year. So, it only makes sense that What’s Good This Week features some personal favourites, comfort music and a hit of complexity and fluidity.

Pictured: Pip Millett

Pip Millett – Running ft. Ghetts

The Manchester singer returned with her new single ‘Running’ last week and it’s safely sitting in my on repeat playlist. It’s a smooth UK R’n’B track that hits deep with its unfiltered comments on inequality and unfair treatment of black and POC people throughout the UK and other Western countries. Explaining the single in greater detail, Millett shared that:

“[it’s] about the tiresome reality of being Black / a POC in an unequal white western world.’ Written in the shadow of the murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests that swept the world last summer, it’s a pained meditation on what has really changed.”

black midi – Chondromalacia Patella

Next up comes the calmest track from black midi’s upcoming sophomore LP “Cavalcade” (out May 28th), titled ‘Chondromalacia Patella’. Aptly named after a band member’s knee injury from running, ‘Chondromalacia Patella’, follows the period of rest following the incident, bringing about black midi’s usual wild antics, though this time not instantaneously bursting into capricious displays of untamable rock. The release of ‘Chondromalacia Patella’ also saw black midi announce their Cavalcade golden ticket competition where you could possibly “win guestlist for 10 years to all black midi shows in any city worldwide”, so if you haven’t preordered “Cavalcade” yet, get to it.

B-ahwe – Bewitched

Take from her upcoming EP “Motions“, Leeds based B-ahwe shares an intimate story on her latest single ‘Bewitched’. A member of art-rock/Jazz group Yaatri, B-ahwe brings Leeds thriving Jazz scene to the forefront of her music, combining smooth and calculated instrumentation together with her honest lyrics and intricate storytelling. Speaking about the backstory behind ‘Bewitched’, B-ahwe shared:

“Bewitched’ is about innocence, youth, manipulation, and realisation. Inspired by the timeless words of those who helped me piece together my own experience, the song captures the modern tragedy of an unhealthy and painful first love. Where emotional abuse altered life’s perceptions, replacing blissful naivety with a burdened mistrust.”

Yvois – Muppet

Aotearoa born and Berlin-based producer Yvois shared a diverting new track a few days ago titled ‘Muppet’. Filled with jubilant popping rhythms and a steady flow of electro-house beats, ‘Muppet’ is a wonderfully calm piece of electronica that’s consistent in its delivery. Gradually growing throughout the track, ‘Muppet’ emerges as the rising sun, bringing a feeling of freshness and optimism with its dream-electro/house stylings, that is as equally calming and chilled out, as it is motivational and uplifting.

Olu Bliss – My Jam

The last track this week comes from New York artist Olu Bliss and his divine new single ‘My Jam’. Everything I personally love about R’n’B is present on ‘My Jam’. Smooth vocals. Strong production that makes the rhythm just ooze out with style and class. A beat that you could vibe to no matter the mood, occasion or time of day. ‘My Jam’ brings the charm and nostalgia of early 00’s R’n’B together with the intricacy of contemporary R’n’B, for a track that feels as though I’ve been listening to it for years already.

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