Pizzagirl – Sugar Ray

Pizzagirl flips the sad banger on its head with his latest single ‘Sugar Ray’.

Credit: Kate Davies

Welcoming us all back into the weird and wonderful world of Liam Brown’s head, Pizzagirl seeks to capture the post-breakup ‘meh’ on ‘Sugar Ray’. Looking back at terrible songs that were parts of relationship jokes, or songs once held fondly, ‘Sugar Ray’ is the epitome of both loathing and loving the Y2K era.

While praising the ability to bond with someone through a general disdain for particular music, ‘Sugar Ray’ goes from stationary ’00s pop, sounding like a synth-drenched version of ‘thispartysux’, before the line“If I die before I post, I wanted you to know the most, that I’ll sing with you to Sugar Ray”, opens up the tracks explosive final part in an array of Y2K energy that is as unexpected as it is brilliant.

Pizzagirl himself elaborates on ‘Sugar Ray’: It’s not really a breakup song this time, but from a moment a few months after perhaps. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I’d like to think that you and that old flame from many phones ago still listen to that one really bad song from time to time, and maybe it’s this one. Who knows? Be right back!” 

“Softcore Mourn” is out July 16th via Heist or Hit.

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