What’s Good This Week #90

This week there’s been an overload of familiar faces with new releases, so it’s time to get reacquainted.

Pictured: Tamaraebi. Credit: Faith Aylward

Tamaraebi – Waistline

The London via Lagos, Nairobi and Leeds artist released his “Spectrum” EP on Wednesday, alongside his new single ‘Waistline’. Influenced by the film Flashdance and Michael Sembello’s ‘Maniac’, ‘Waistline’ continues to show the duality of Tamaraebi, this time fusing ’80s synth-pop with Afrobeat rhythms for a sensual overload of divine R’n’B. Speaking about the track, Tamaraebi shared:

“When I was young my mum was proper into health and fitness and when she put videos on to do a workout, she would do her squats to ‘Maniac’,” he says. “All my songs are a bit sexy, and with this track, I wanted something that was also a bit upbeat so I could move my waistline!”.

Long Legged Creatures, Lydia Kotsirea – EZY8667

Leeds outfit Long Legged Creatures (LLC) shared their first single of the year a couple of weeks back with EZY8667′, a continuation of their weird and wonderful electronica fusions. Creating music that plays on the boundaries of Jazz, house, electro and indie, LLC’s latest features guest vocalist Lydia Kotsirea who provides a sense of consistency to the ever-evolving world of ‘EZY8667’. Adapting indietronica into bizarre amalgamations of experimental genre-fusions,‘EZY8667’ is one of LLC’s most intriguing releases yet.

Thrillhouse – Take Care

The Brighton duo is back with their fourth single of the year titled ‘Take Care’. Continuously improving upon their take on dream-pop/rock, Thrillhouse’s latest meets at the intersection of divine dream-pop and ‘stadium’ ready psychedelic rock, with a straightforward message to take care. Following on from previous singles ‘Just At The Right Time’ and ‘Where The Roads Don’t Go’, Thrillhouse continue to go from strength to strength with each new track, moving into their unique sound that is consistently a joy to listen to.

Junaco – Paradise

The latest single from their upcoming EP, Los Angeles duo Junaco, continues to deliver the goods on ‘Paradise’. Maybe it’s the sand tones in their artwork or the abundance of greenery, but each new Junaco track brings with it a sense of warmth and comfort that you could easily lose your entire day listening to. ‘Paradise’ continues the L.A. duos incredible form, delivering charming indie-folk made for sun soaked days, whether that’s driving down the West Coast or staying at home in the garden.

Soda Blonde – Holy Roses

Bringing What’s Good to a thunderous close this week is Soda Blonde with their empowering new single ‘Holy Roses’. Taken from their upcoming album “Small Talk”  (out July 9th on Velveteen Records), Soda Blonde’s latest packs the intelligence of their previous releases with an explosive chorus where vocalist Faye O’Rourke faces the demons of her past with unwavering confidence. Speaking about the track, Faye shared:

“So many of us use rejection as fuel to justify stagnancy or living in the past. ‘Holy Roses’ provides me with some closure and I feel it’s one of the most important tracks on the album. I am directly addressing the people in my past who have hurt me in this song. ‘Holy Roses’ is the moment of reckoning for me, in all respects. I’m letting go of the people who have hurt me and my old way of living”

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