Merpire – Village

Melbourne’s Merpire shares her latest single ‘Village’, taken from her upcoming debut album “Simulation Ride”.

Rhiannon Atkinson-Howatt aka Merpire, continues her journey in discussing personal relationships, this time discussing how group dynamics can truly mould a person’s identity. Inspired by reflecting upon her self-doubt, ‘Village’ detaches from the youthful sound of their previous track ‘Dinosaur’, opting for more weighted guitar riffs that cast the sense of grit and hardship of self-appreciation, countered by Howatt’s calm and welcoming vocals. Explaining ‘Village’ in detail, Merpire shared:

“I used to have a day job punting people around the lake on a boat in the Royal Botanic Gardens in South Yarra. There’s one island we’d pass on the route nicknamed ‘Bell Bird Island’ where the bell birds were farming an insect called a psyllid and protecting it from other birds eating it – they had a symbiotic relationship.”

“This loosely inspired the idea of it taking a village to nurture someone. Sometimes I would get so caught up in self-doubt that I forgot to see what qualities I had that other people might love me for. But I’ve worked hard on building my confidence, telling myself through this song that it really does take a village to love someone.”

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