BAYEM — Joyride

Accompanied by dissolving percussive crackles, radiant synthesizers, and a supercharged, heavy bassline, German-American modern pop artist BAYEM roars ahead full-throttle on his latest single, ‘Joyride’.

Sprinkling his track with pitch-shifted and manipulated vocals, BAYEM creates an evaporating, lush soundscape evocative of the volatile relationship he finds himself in on ‘Joyride’.

Speeding quickly through feelings of heartache (“With the love that we once shared”), abandonment (“And it’s like I don’t exist”), and vulnerability (“Can I stay another night?”), the Indianaopolis singer finds himself hopelessly caught between the pleasure of being with the one he loves and the pain of being rejected by them. “The joyride you’ve got me on,” he sings, enjoying himself in the moment but knowing ultimately that his partner is the one calling the shots. With no control over where the relationship is going, or how it’ll end, BAYEM seems to throw up his hands and let his lover take the reins, but not without letting them know: “You’re difficult, baby.”

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