What’s Good This Week #92

Here in the UK, we’re in the midst of a sunny spell so naturally, What’s Good This Week is a bit of pop music.

Pictured: MarthaGunn

MarthaGunn – Holding The Fire

Brighton group MarthaGunn share their latest track ‘Holding The Fire’ taken from their upcoming album, “Something Good Will Happen”, expected for release on September 17th via Communion Records. Bringing electro-pop rhythms together with riding indie-style guitars, MarthaGunn’s latest is a charming mesh of genres, sounding like a clash of HAIM, Wolf Alice and Fickle Friends. Combining vocalist Abi Woodman’s reflective lyrics with the track’s upbeat rhythm, ‘Holding The Fire’ assures us all that the Brighton group’s debut is one to get excited about.

Woodman explained the track in more detail, sharing: “About this time last year, we were in the height of the first lockdown. My brother and I decided to write some music together. It’s a rare occasion, but each time we do get together to make music we write something we like. I had just got off of the phone with someone who I had a bit of a crush on. Unfortunately for me, this person was still emotionally relying on someone else and was pretty unavailable. But regardless, I knew I wanted to make something that people could dance to and something that was fun. I think we did that.”

BXB LOVE – Losers

Next is Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter BXB Love (Natasha Pheko). Choosing a purposefully ambiguous and androgynous pseudonym, LOVE explores the fluidity that is the human experience and liberates herself from the unspoken expectations placed on women of colour in the music industry. On her latest track, LOVE invites us all to embrace the parts of ourselves we love and hate with open arms. Running to the beat of gripping rock-pop, ‘Losers’ serendipitous nature is the perfect mood lifter. Speaking about ’Losers’, LOVE stated that: “Losers is my claim that we are all really just losers trying to fit in,” LOVE says. “I believe if we really committed to being who we are, and loving that unconditionally, we might all feel a little more free and a little less anxious about the potential perception of us that others may have.

LUWTEN – Standstill

Amsterdam-based producer, songwriter and musician Tessa Douwstra (aka LUWTEN) shares the self-directed and self-filmed video to her latest single, ‘Standstill’, taken from her recently released “Draft” LP. Influenced by the likes of James Blake and Bon Iver, ‘Standstill’ delivers cool and calm electro-pop, that transforms from ambient electronica into grand, orchestral pop. LUWTEN said about the track’s video: The idea for the video was inspired by a photo Mariska Kerpel took of me using just a spot and a big piece of paper. It felt classic and analogue. Ideas stripped to the core and a main role for the circle, the moon, the sun – time. Sometimes it can feel like time just passes. The sun comes up and goes down while the moon keeps orbiting the earth, following the same path over and over again. As if things are out of our control moving on and circling meaninglessly. Until it all comes to a standstill. Can we choose to stop and change direction if we want to?

Last Thursday – It’s Not The Same

Sydney based group Last Thursday shared their fantastic new single ‘It’s Not The Same’ just over a week ago. A gradually rising indie track that takes the art of beautifully soaring crescendos to another level. With delicate near indie-folk guitars at its beginning, layered with frontman Euan’s smooth, melancholic vocals, there’s a similarity to Melbourne group Mantell, although Last Thursday soon erupt into a glorious show of momentous indie rock. The track tells of breaking up with your first partner knowing that things weren’t perfect, with Euan explaining a bit more about the track’s backstory: “It was my first long-term relationship and I was young so how the hell are you supposed to know what is normal or not, especially when you don’t see friends as much because of it. We broke up after a night where they turned up to mine early in the morning and started screaming at me. I live with my parents, FYI. After the breakup, I reflected on how I felt after leaving something you know wasn’t right but still missing that not right thing.”

Karaboudjan – I’ll Be Just Fine

Lastly is Southern California-based indie psych-rock artist Karaboudjan, sharing his third single, “I’ll Be Just Fine”, off his solo debut project, “IMAGO”, due out September. Having been a touring member with TYCHO since 2016, Karaboubdjan (Billy Kim) is now sharing his own music, crafting shimmering indie-pop that catches the beauty and romance of the sunset. Sharing the track’s cute back story Karaboudjan said: “Initially, the verse is about finding my way through the world, fresh out of a 7-year relationship. I left town as soon as I could, and I ended up visiting a buddy living in the Upper East Side in NYC. We were hanging out with a group of friends at the time, and I’ll never forget the moment of us finding our way into the Beauty Bar, where I eventually fell instantly head over heels for my old friend from 6th grade. We’ve been happily married since 2018! This is the closest thing to a “love song” that I’ve ever created, as I’ve tended to avoid writing them.”

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