Taphari – Stay In Your Lane

Brooklyn’s ‘Best Rap Alien’ Taphari shares the visualiser for his new track ‘Stay In Your Lane’.

Credit: Arie Morton

Starting in the underground queer club scenes of Buschwick, Taphari writes about the struggles of being a young loner from the hood, seeking asylum in laughter, queer expression, hip hop, and the internet. On ‘Stay In Your Lane’, taken from his upcoming album “Blind Obedience”, Taphari’s confidence reigns supreme, letting his competition know they’re only trying because they know he’s better. With its cuts of ’90s electro and hip hop beats, fused with Taphari’s sharp wit and slick lyrics, ‘Stay In Your Lane’ is ready to quench your first for high calibre, queer hip-hop.

Taphari says of the track: “Stay In Your Lane is the epiphany of an empath to shift from absorption to observation. Very often in my youth I would absorb and internalize the woes of the world and the opinion and mannerisms of the external when it’s honestly none of my business. Socialized out of thinking for and being my sincere self, ‘Stay In Your Lane’ was written in the bloom of self-actualizing. Realizing the only playable characters available to me in this game call life is self and comparing, competing and minding none-playable characters is a waste of time. They do them, I do me.” 

“Blind Obedience” is out July 23rd on Bayonet Records.

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