EKKSTACY – f*ck everything ft The Drums

The Vancouver based artist cements his position as one of indie music’s biggest rising stars with his latest single ‘f*ck everything’.


With the rapid re-emergence of indie/post-punk tracks coming through creators on TikTok, EKKSTACY’s latest work is sure to send the video-sharing platform into a frenzy. Working with Spotify as part of their fresh finds program, a new program focusing on giving developing artists the tools and educational resources needed for long-term career success, collaborating with The Drums frontman Jonny Pierce in the process, ‘f*ck everything’, combines the prowess of The Drums early 2010s post-indie style together with EKKSTACY’s free-flowing, straightforward lyricism, simply exclaiming that:’f*ck everything’ is an indie punk song to make you sad and sh*t”.

Speaking about producing the track, Jonny Pierce shared: “We wanted to write a track that was brutal when it came to the lyrics, and gorgeous when it came to the music. It’s my favourite combination, dancing in a stark reality. Instead of getting lost in my dancing, I want to dance in my lostness”.

It’s a sublime piece of indie-post-punk, made for both newcomers and indie music diehards alike. Think of ‘f*ck everything’ as Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Good For You’ for the indie world.

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