Mae Krell – colorblind

Over pebble drops of percussion and twinkling, wet guitars, New York-based singer-songwriter Mae Krell documents the end of their relationship and their ensuing numbness to the world’s beauty on ‘colorblind’.

Reinforced by the wavy, rainy soundscape produced by collaborator and multi-instrumentalist Jakob Leventhal, Mae’s resigned vocals and touching lyrics evoke feelings of heartache and nostalgia as the singer clings to the memory of their lost lover: “Tell me you love me one more time,” they plead with disarming vulnerability, “before it’s all wiped from my mind.” After remembering the emotion-fraught final moments spent with their partner (“I squeezed your hand, you flinched / The skies turned black, I blinked”), Mae reflects upon a world drained of its former color and beauty in the aftermath of their loss: “Now you’re gone, I’m colorblind / Nothing lights up the sky.”

“I wrote “colorblind in the midst of what I thought was going to be the end of a relationship with the first girl I ever truly fell in love with,” Mae says regarding the inspiration behind the song. Awash with passion and sadness, Mae’s “colorblind” delivers a heartbreaking portrait of a person whose life is devoid of what made it once beautiful and bright — and whose only source of light is in the recollection of the past.

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