Máni Orrason – Change The World

Iceland’s Máni Orrason marks his return with a thumping new single titled ‘Change The World’.

Credit: Halle Hirota

With an EP delayed due to the pandemic last year, following his electric single ‘I Go Up’, the enforced sabbatical provided Orrason with a unique opportunity to reflect on what he was actually wanting to produce. Scrapping the planned EP and starting over, ‘Change The World’ marks a new era for the Icelandic artist, collaborating with fellow artist and friend Yann Lauren. A cathartic release can be felt across Orrason’s latest track, sounding as though the weight of the world has been lifted through repeating guitar riffs that are straightforward and just impossible not to tap along to. Whether it be commercially ready pop music or boisterous slacker-rock, Orrason has an ornate knack for producing bangers no matter what the genre might be. Speaking more about the process of ‘Changing The World’, Orrason shared:

“Most of the lyrics came out as they are now. It was really cathartic to just sing loud and not think about what I was saying, I think my best things come when I’m not looking. I took the song to Spain in December and worked on the production and finished the lyrics. In February we brought it to Nikolai Potthoff and he really brought the song somewhere else. It was actually terrifying to work on this song because the core was so good and I was so afraid of fucking it up. It felt like we really owed it to ourselves to make this the best possible version of the song we could. In the end I think this is really one of the best things I’ve ever made and I’m so proud and happy I get to live with it like this forever.

Change The World is basically meant [to] open up a new place for myself as an artist and the future things that will follow, after the last two years of writing and working on my own, I’m so excited to be finally ready to share what I’ve been up to and the amazing people I’ve gotten to collaborate with!”


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