Premiere: Josie Lockhart – If There’s A Heaven

Today we’re premiering Josie Lockhart’s latest single, ‘If There’s A Heaven’, taken from his upcoming album “Santa Rosa”.

Credit: Hannah Vaugh

Performing under the moniker of Josie Lockhart, Austin’s Aaron Miller, deliver sublime dream-rock on his newest release. Formerly a member of synth-pop trio Sphynx, If There’s A Heaven’ finds Josie Lockhart transforming his synth-pop beginnings into grand displays of psychedelic-infused dream rock. The third single from Lockhart’s upcoming album, following previous releases ‘One Second To Midnight’ and ‘Like Lightning’, ‘If There’s A Heaven’  clings onto the beauty of life while wondering what lies beyond. With shimmering synth hooks that send Lockhart’s guitar riffs soaring straight towards the heavens, the Austin artists latest will likely become his most eponymous release to date.

“Santa Rosa” is set for release on September 24th. 

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