TOMÁ – Green

Featuring ibexes, snakes, and Croatian coasts, Dominik Galleya’s eclectic new music video is a perfect translation of Austro-Bulgarian producer TOMÁ’s groovy, colorful single, “Green.”

Having already made his mark as a director collaborating with the underground rap scene’s Quelle Chris on “Sudden Death” and “Horizon,” Galleya shows off his talents once more with his surreal yet hypnotizing take on guitarist TOMÁ’s smooth and trippy instrumentals. An extravagant artist in his own right, TOMÁ displays his knack for and background in electronic production and jazz music with agile guitars, pulsing beats, and dense, warm synthesizers.

The premise itself for the video is relatively simple before things take a somewhat bizarre turn several times throughout, creating a trippy motif that fits well with the track’s psychedelic trappings. Galleya’s wonderfully eccentric and surreal visuals provide an appropriate complement to TOMÁ’s “Green,” creating an effect that is sure to be both relaxing and exciting for any listener.

TOMÁ’s debut album “ATOM” is out on June 30th.

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