What’s Good This Week #94

This week it’s a simple one. Just great new tracks in varying styles.

Pictured: Erockfor

Erockfor – I Don’t Want You Back

Montreal artist Erockfor shares a thumping piece of R’n’B/pop with her latest single ‘I Don’t Want You Back’. Centred around her abusive past marriage, which ultimately led to her living in South Korea, before returning to Montreal, Erockfor channels the energy of a woman who has now healed and prioritises herself as number one. I Don’t Want You Back’, comes ready with a charging bass hook and Erockfor’s impressive, rich vocals, similar to R’n’B legend Macy Gray, and a simple reminder from Erockfor to: “Play this when your ex calls you wanting to get back together. Some things should remain in the past”.

moa moa – Coltan Candy

Speedy Wunderground signees Moa Moa share their first release of the year titled Coltan Candy’, following previous singles ‘Spinning’ and ‘Yellow Jacket’. Continuing with their wobbly, alt-indie sound, moa moa tackle the mining industry on their latest single.

“Lyrically, the tune is darker and more direct than our other stuff,” says the band’s James Ratcliffe, “even if it’s offset by everything else going on in the music. The main hook of the song is the lyric ‘Coltan Candy’ which refers to a mineral that has been mined unethically for decades in Africa for the production of electronic circuits in the West. I’m making some pretty OTT comments about corruption, technology, and the failures of institutions in the West, but also asking some questions about our own involvement and inability to do anything about it.”

My Idea – Stay Away Still / That’s My Idea

Comprised of Nate Amos and Lily Konigsberg, My Idea’s double single ‘Stay Away Still / That’s My Idea’ comes from their upcoming EP “That’s My Idea”. Revealing the EP in a two-in-one video, directed by Luca Balser, the duo explains: “We wanted to have an energetic and chaotic video juxtaposed with something more calming and conclusive to demonstrate the eclectic yet cohesive nature of My Idea. The visuals match how the songs make us feel! We both played characterizations of ourselves.” Showcasing caustic slacker-rock, rooted in experimental punk on ‘Stay Away Still’, with classic alternative-American indie on ‘That’s My Idea’, My Idea deliver a spectrum full of musical styles in just over four minutes, leaving nothing but intrigue and excitement for their EP due at the end of the month.

Tanya George – I Can’t Do Anything Right

Melbourne artist Tanya George shares her latest track ‘I Can’t Do Anything Right’, taking vocal looping to a whole other level. A signature style for Tanya George, her vocal looping skills create charming harmonies that have an unshakable resemblance to Lorde’s eponymous single ‘Royals’. Rolling in at 2 minutes and 32 seconds, the track feels as though it could go on for even longer, making repeated plays, a pure delight. Giving us a short synopsis of the track, George shared: “‘Can’t Do Anything Right’ is about the frustrations of not being able to live up to anyone’s expectations. The literal feeling of not being able to do a thing right, especially as a woman,”.

We Are Scientists – Contact High

Indie legends We Are Scientists are back with a new single titled ‘Contact High’ taken from their upcoming album“HUFFY”, out October 8th. Containing both their signature wit in the track’s music video, alongside their eponymous skill for nailing a guitar filled banger, ‘Contact High’ is a welcomed dose of unadulterated indie rock. Vocalist/guitarist Keith Murray says about the song: “Love songs can easily be goofy and embarrassing, and so I sometimes have a hard time writing songs that are unambiguously romantic. ‘Contact High’ really nails that heady rush of full-throttle infatuation for me, though, because it evokes my trifecta of mood-altering stimuli — dizzying romantic interaction, rousing music, and second-hand contact with psychoactive chemicals (in descending order of personal preference)… It’s just nice to have a song that’s unapologetically sappy, but couched in distorted guitar and metaphors of coincidental intoxication.”

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