Sug Daniels – Kintsugi

Brooklyn based artist Sug Daniels shares her sanguine new single ‘Kintsugi’.

Formerly from Smyrna, Delaware, Sug Daniels flare for optimistic folk can be traced back to her beginnings in the church. On ‘Kintsugi’, a feeling of well-worn optimism fills the air, unabashed by the trials and tribulations that Daniels has faced in the past as both a Black woman and LGBTQ+ person. From the wobbly synth inflictions at the tracks beginning to the R’n’B and church influences towards the end, Sug Daniels love and experience of different musical styles are shown proudly throughout ‘Kintsugi’, making the track feel like a warm welcome home.

Explaining the track further, Sug Daniels shared: “Named after the Japanese art of fixing broken poetry with liquid gold, ‘Kintsugi’ addresses the botched relationship between America and a Black woman coming into her own. A realistic but hopeful tone, ‘Kintsugi’ looks towards the future in hopes that the obvious and apparent bigotry and one-sidedness can allow for change and reparations resulting in a nation that’s one for all and all for one.”

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