Neda – Good Intentions

London-based newcomer Neda shares her passionate debut single ‘Good Intentions’.

Credit: Malini Vaja

Having released a couple of demos on Soundcloud centred around piano-led ballads, the Goldsmith music alumni’s debut is amplified with the power of rock and country. Inspired by the likes of No Doubt, The Killers, ’60s country artists such as Brenda Lee, Skeeter Davis and Roy Orbison, Neda’s influences can be heard through her impassioned lyrics. 

Emphasising the importance of knowing your self-worth, ‘Good Intentions’  teeters around Blues-rock, folk and country, akin to the likes of Angel Olsen, Angie McMahon or Merpire. With a charming ebb and flow between country and rock constantly at play, building towards portentous crescendos that push the track back into Neda’s earlier ballad style; ‘Good Intentions’ is a monumental track, especially for a debut.

Sharing a little more, Neda explained: “‘Good Intentions’ is about knowing what you want from someone and being prepared to walk away if those feelings aren’t being reciprocated. In the midst of writing this song I learnt about the importance of communication and being transparent and open about how you feel”. 

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