Red Moon – Gut Feeling

With a message to trust your own instincts, rising pop artist Red Moon shares her new single ‘Gut Feeling’.

Credit: Vitaboy

Following her liberating previous single‘Thirsty’, rooted in queer expression, the Norweigan-Swiss artist continues to excel with her brand of gloriously, atmospheric pop. On‘Gut Feeling’, Red Moon invokes the importance of listening to your internal voice, channelling the reflex of gut instincts. Offering both safety and the courage to leap forward into the unknown, Red Moon explained the track in further detail:

“I first wrote Gut Feeling back in 2019 with Odd Martin.  ​​It was during the time I wrote Gut Feeling, that I decided to change my artist name to Red Moon. I knew it was a leap into the unknown and a big decision to make. It allowed me to come back to a blank canvas, which in turn gave me new opportunities to express myself who I am. Today, I like to think that the track could be about manifestations; a reminder to listen to your instincts. To be open for change as well as embracing older parts of yourself as you let them go.”

With her signature ethereal vocals riding a steadily rising wave of popping guitar hooks and emboldened piano keys, Red Moon raises her own bar once more on another stellar release from the rising artist.

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