Velvet Independent is a platform focusing on new music by predominantly independent artists, created by Doyle Smith on November 14th 2013.

The aim of this site is to provide easy access to new, interesting and exciting music; focusing on independent artists and labels. This does not mean however, that as soon as an act becomes signed they will no longer be posted on this site.

All genres of music shall be considered to be featured upon this site, not just purely ‘indie’ music.

Velvet Independent operates a zero tolerance approach to hate and discrimination within music. Any submissions with homophobic/transphobic/racist/xenophobic and any other forms of hate featured, will be blacklisted and shared to other sites to ensure that these artists do not have their music shared anywhere.

We receive roughly 200 emails a week now, so unfortunately it cannot be guaranteed that every submission will receive a response or be heard/seen, but Velvet will always try to listen to as many of these submissions as possible and at least provide feedback.

I hope that if you read this you will enjoy the site and most importantly the featured music. For submissions, contact velvetindependent@gmail.com, or message directly through Facebook at Velvet Independent.

Doyle Antony Smith

5 thoughts

  1. Please can you send me an email address please..🙏. I work with emerging artists and bands through my PR companies and I would love for my clients to be featured on your blog .

    I look forward to hearing from you and wish you harmony and peace always.

    JJ Kane


  2. Hey,

    We are YOURS, an indie rock band from San Francisco, and are very interested to have Velvet Independent feature the lead single off our upcoming EP due next year. This song is still very new to the scene and was just released late last week. Our music has been described as synthpop meets indie-electro rock with influences stemming from: Radiohead, Phoenix, Tame Impala, Arcade Fire, and various hip hop infused sounds.

    If this appears of interest to you let us know and we can get things sorted out. We really appreciate all the work you guys do for bands of all genres and want to be part of such a linked community!

    Capture Me Single: https://soundcloud.com/yours-195696101/capture-me



  3. Hey Doyle,

    Hope this message finds you well 🙂

    Just wanted to get in touch as we’re a new band, M.E.L, based in London and about to release our first EP. We are a band of three and our style is soul, electronic, minimalistic pop. We’ve all been touring with pop artists for the past few years and now we have come together to write and produce the music we have always wanted to create. Here is our first track and music video from our upcoming EP, “Changed”. We would be so grateful if you checked it out on youtube here https://youtu.be/3MbXVaP1u48

    Any comments/feedback/shares would be greatly appreciated but I know you’re very busy so thanks in advance for your time.

    Hope you enjoy the track and wishing you a mega week ahead 🙂
    Thanks so much


    Melissa, Christian and Ben



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