What’s Good This Week #98

What’s good, what’s good, what’s good!! It’s been a while but our weekly feature of some of the best tracks around is finally back!

Pictured: ABRA

Abra – Unlock It ft. Playboi Carti

So starting What’s Good off this week, is New York artist Abra, marking her first major-label release with ‘Unlock It’. Having released her eponymous debut LP “Rose” all the way back in 2015, Abra has been gradually releasing singles over the past few years, all of which have undeniably slapped, with her latest release joined with fellow Awful Records alumni Playboi Carti. Utilising Abra’s skill for implementing electro and dance together with internet beats, creating acid-hip-hop/R’n’B, ‘Unlock It’, tickets all the boxes for her fans and delivers even more with Carti’s on-point flow.

Утро (Utro) – Ypa

The project of Motorama vocalist Vladislav Parshin, Утро (Utro) released their latest LP “Другое за другим” (One After Another) yesterday, with album track ‘Ypa’ one to truly sink your teeth into. Deeply rooted in the love for post-punk in Russia and Eastern Europe, it’s a bass-driven, melodic blast of cold-wave and dark-dream pop. If you’re a Motorama fan who’s been craving something a little ‘darker’, or a big Molchat Doma fan, then this is one to get on your playlists.

Lost Ghosts – Wait

Next comes Californian artist Lost Ghosts, with their latest track ‘Wait’. The project of Rohit Dutta, a member of Irvine group Sundive, the Californian has released a handful of demos since 2018, with ‘Wait’ being his first track in over 2 years. It’s a wonderful display of expansive indie-pop, booming with high hitting riffs and that hit of euphoria that cements the question of whether it’s a banger or an absolute banger? If you love high energy indie that packs the punch of melodic summer anthems, then Lost Ghosts are the one for you.

Thyla – Gum

Not only have our long time pals Thyla gone and signed with Easy Life Records, but they’ve FINALLY got a release date for their debut album! January 28th 2022 is the date so get it pencilled in. They broke the news with their latest single ‘Gum’, a dose of their well-seasoned dream-rock, covering all the bases with hits of grunge, pop and indie rock aplenty. It’s a post-three-minute blast with a bit of everything Thyla over the years, making it a welcomed addition to their extensive back catalogue, leaving nothing but anticipation for 2022.

RAY BLK – Mine

Closing What’s Good this week in spectacular fashion in London’s RAY BLK with her immaculate new single ‘Mine’. Released last month, the single comes from her upcoming third LP “Access Denied”, set for release on September 17th. The track is a gradual burner filled with passion and melody, carried through by RAY’s beyond impressive vocals. Smooth R’n’B at its absolute finest, if like me you haven’t check out RAY BLK properly for some time, ‘Mine’ is the perfect way to get reacquainted with the London artist.

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