Lunar Vacation – Gears

Lunar Vacation opts for a heavy dose of synthwave on their latest single ‘Gears’.

Credit: Grace Whitcomb

Released earlier this month, the Atlanta group switched out their psych-pop sound from their previous single ‘Mold’ for heavy, synthwave beats on ‘Gears’. Channelling the emotion of Snailmail with the dark-pop stylings of Chvrches, Lunar Vacation delivers an intense and dramatic piece of dark-pop, tinged with booming indie-rock energy and the consistently smooth vocals of Grace Repasky.

The vocalist shared the story behind the track: “When I look back on any kind of relationship, it’s usually through rose-coloured glasses. I guess this song tells me that although this happened, you just gotta keep going because this isn’t the end of the world. But the last lines are a reflection of how inner-me feels… I’ll probably always be a little sad about the loss. I feel like most, if not all, of my songs are future-me giving past-me advice and insight on specific situations that evoked heavy feelings.”

With its pummeling synth hook driving Lunar Vacation’s sound into new territory, the pop makers latest is a clear standout from all of their previous releases to date.

Lunar Vacation’s debut LP “Inside Every Fig Is A Dead Wasp” is due October 29th on Keeled Scales.

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