Bandcamp Presents… Young Mister

A collective tied to the Charleston movement, this North Carolina group’s folk fused indie is the personification of the states’ emerging music scene.

Firstly, I’m well aware Charleston is in South Carolina (for American’s potentially questioning this Brit’s geography skills), Young Mister’s association to the southern part of the state, comes from vocalist Steven Fiore’s ties to Charleston, living their most of his life.

Fiore’s previous work as a solo artist, dates back to 2007, releasing The Makeshift EP on Bandcamp. Now signed to Refresh Records as a group, Young Mister provide Fiore’s musical talents, that extra push towards the beautiful sounds of the lead single for their upcoming, self-titled LP, Pasadena.

A vision of sun drenched rides across the countryside, layered in hopeful optimism, upbeat living and general wellness, Pasadena’s idealistic narrative, falls hand in hand with its smooth production. As Fiore opens up the song to a delicate piano, with a gradual crescendo towards the collective of folk tinged guitars and brass arrangements, Pasadena travels across a blend of country meets folk, that has a minor splash of well-kept slacker rock during the break of the chorus for an enticing near four minutes, which will appeal to just about anyone.

Young Mister’s debut, self-titled LP, is out June 24th, through Refresh Records on vinyl (a limited run of 100 whites and then standard black), CD and digital forms.

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