Llovers – Without You

The B-side to recent single Go Get Her, Go Getter, the Teeside group strip back their glossy indie pop sound for a level of vulnerability, yet unheard of from Llovers.

Originally recorded through co-frontman Jack Brook’s phone, fellow frontman David Macnab alongside the rest of Llovers immediately fell for the honest vulnerability that Brook’s had captured, later recording the vocals in one take to stay as close to the original mobile recording.

Without You as a stand alone track is substantial enough as a marker for what Llovers are all about. The stuttering double L, their honest displays of love being something all together too complex to cast as one solitary story that expressing love is altogether something more difficult than anyone could ever explain. Llovers’ brand so to speak, is personified beautifully across all of their tracks; spanning the slow burning roars of Just Lust, the energetic explosions of Go Get Her, Go Getter, and now the bare vulnerability of Without You. It’s no wonder why Llovers are being hailed as one of the North’s most exciting young bands.

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